Burger Land In New Orleans

There’s a new series on Travel Channel, Burger Land, hosted by George Motz who wrote the ‘Hamburger America‘ guide.  It’s a pretty fun show — in the New Orleans episode he emphasizes that one of the differences among hamburgers there is that they sometimes come on Leidenheimer bread.  He visits:

Bozo’s in Metairie (had seafood there, but never a hamburger)

Camellia Grill — Av’s had the hamburger at the one on Chartres:
Camellia Grill, New Orleans LA

…and in the episode, they discuss the love notes that everyone left at the original location just after the levees failed, asking the owner to come back and reopen, and I *knew* I had a picture of it:
Camellia Grill, New Orleans

Ted’s Frostop (we’ve had their burgers) — these two pics were from a few years ago, before they put the mug right-side up again:
Ted's Frostop, New Orleans LA


Port of Call (of course!):
Hamburger and Potato, Port of Call, New Orleans LA

If they’d had more time, I imagine they would have mentioned the burgers at Clover Grill, which are cooked under a hubcap.  Eater New Orleans voted on favorites during this year’s ‘Burger Week’ and readers chose Company Burger as best.

I just happened to catch Chuck’s Eat the Street on Cooking Channel the other day, and he was in New Orleans, visiting Tee Eva’s, Breaux Mart (for the doberge…shoulda gone to Gambino’s, but he was focusing on Magazine), Ignatius, La Petite Grocery (they did a rabbit sandwich with pimento cheese and roasted onions, mmmhhhh), and Roman Candy. At the website are recipes for crawfish dip from Breaux Mart, and fig and duck prosciutto salad from Ignatius.

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