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It’s me, in an elevator, going with my babies up to our room at the Opryland Hotel in Nashville.  Kisses, world!

An Ordinary Hero: the True Story of Joan Trumpauer Mulholland making the film festival rounds (and you can get it at Amazon too). Going to be very, very good.

Bobby Jones Monument, Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta GA PimentoGate. The Masters have someone new behind the pimento cheese sandwiches in Augusta, and they’re not getting it right.

I am fine with adding the female members, and I am tolerating the belly putters,” fan Paul Jones said, “but changing the pimento cheese recipe is taking change too damn far.

The WifeSaver owner, whose services weren’t requested this year, isn’t giving up the secret ingredient (that he himself had to figure out when Augusta took the business away from Aiken’s Nick Rangos). He sells the ‘original Augusta recipe’ at WifeSaver restaurants.

Kudzu, Prattville AL The kudzu-eating goats have been put back to work in Athens at UGA.

View from Top of Mangum Mound, on Natchez Trace MS The National Park Service has lesson plans for teachers to use, and one is relating to the Natchez Trace for Eudora Welty’s A Worn Path.

Old Absinthe House, New Orleans LA
(Napoleon House, *the* place to have a Pimm’s Cup in New Orleans — and thanks to Andrew for pointing out that I said Absinthe House when I meant Napoleon.  What I was I thinking?  Well, I was having a Pimm’s Cup, so…)

What else to make with Pimm’s this summer.

Neshoba County Courthouse, Philadelphia MS From the AP: Olen Burrage, who was acquitted in the case of three civil rights workers killed by Ku Klux Klansmen in Mississippi in the 1960s, has died. He was 82…

…After learning of Burrage’s death, Ben Chaney told the Clarion-Ledger newspaper, “I am disappointed. Wow! I’m very disappointed.” 

 …U.S. Attorney Doug Jones of Birmingham, Ala., who successfully prosecuted the 1963 church bombing that killed four girls there, told the newspaper authorities need to quickly assess this case and other civil rights cold cases. “The window to true justice in these cases is closing,” he said. “Today is just another example of one who escaped justice…

Tumblr: Installator, which = museum installers installing installations.

Chaney Schwerner Goodman
This pic above is from 2005 when Av and I went to find CoRd 515, Rock Cut Road in Neshoba County.  It’s at this intersection where the caravan stopped and murdered Chaney, Schwerner, and Goodman.

Sad: Jerry Mitchell from the C-L reports that the Emmett Till historical marker in Money has been shot up, and someone actually ripped out the Chaney, Schwerner, Goodman marker in Neshoba County.

The Slotin Folk Art Auction is this weekend, and you can bid online…

Ginger-Mint Julep
(The mural for Emerson’s Ginger-Mint Julep in New Orleans)

The recipe for Bill Smith’s (Crook’s Corner) Atlantic Beach Lemon Pie (saltine cracker crusthere, from NPR. Think I’m going to make his ‘frozen mint julep’ — mint sorbet with a shot of Rebel Yell this summer.

Also, on the cocktail menu: Seersucker Martini (a Plymouth Gin and Dolin Dry Vermouth Martini w/house made watermelon Bitters). And Rebel Yell’s site has a recipe for the Rebel Slush which sounds pretty great too.

If I remember correctly, Bill Smith’s cookbook, Seasoned in the South, includes a recipe for honeysuckle sorbet (yes! Just found it online from NPR here).  ‘Tis the season.

Gigi's Cupcakes, Chattanooga Eater becomes the last (because everyone else did this three years ago) food-centric site to ponder if the cupcake craze is over, because of the WSJ article this week on the crummy outlook for Crumbs. Yes, Eater, retail-wise, it’s over. Cake pops died a long time ago too — they’re the spinach and artichoke dip of the bakery world.  Although: maybe there’s a cycle for these things because it took 20 years for frozen yogurt to come back around…

Meanwhile, we’ll keep making them at home because a.) they’re easy and fun, b.) who doesn’t have a soft-spot for retro cupcake toppers, c.) ‘in’ or not, they’re yummy.

And: no matter what, this is kinda cute.

Margaret's Grocery, Vicksburg MS

Someone wrote a song referencing Margaret’s Grocery, here on YouTube.  And yes of course he referenced how Miss Margaret got herself a castle.

Louisiana’s red snapper season in federal waters is only going to be nine days this year.  Alabama and Mississippi will still have a 28-day federal water season.

Sunset, Tennessee River, Guntersville AL
The government is considering selling the Tennessee Valley Authority, and Bloomberg can’t help itself: ‘Why Privatizing the TVA Would Be a Dam Shame‘. If you have a great-grandmother who lived in the Valley, she might be able to tell you about all the changes once TVA was established (washing machines, electricity in general = a big plus, and they’re happy to tell your kids about it too).

Plus: TVA has its own Zombies.

Dahomey Plantation (For Sale : $20 Mil), Bolivar County MS
That’s a great return (ahhh, if only we’d had millions back in 2005) — Dahomey Plantation is on the market for $55M, all 9875 acres.  In 2005, it was on the market for $20MM.  Granted, it has had a lot of improvements, but that’s quite an increase.

At one time, it was the largest cotton plantation in the world.

From CristilMethod: This Davis Wade Stadium groom’s cake is the standard by which all future groom’s cakes will be judged.  Indeed.

Chris Lilly from Big Bob Gibson is working on a new cookbook (first one here).

Orange-Pineapple Ice Cream, Trowbridge's, Florence AL

The NYT reports that Breyer’s has moved beyond (actually, below) ice cream partly because they think the public actually prefers them to use corn syrup. Breyer’s is now selling frozen dairy dessert because some of what they’re now distributing doesn’t fall under the FDA’s ‘standard of identity’ as ice cream.

Just for fun…some Southern real ice cream flavors:
Sweet Magnolia Ice Cream from Clarksdale, Miss in muscadine, or banana pudding…
High Road from Atlanta in bourbon burnt sugar, brown butter praline…
New Orleans Ice Cream Company in brandy milk punch, cafe au lait and beignets, lemon doberge, satsuma…

And as of this week, the Attorney General in BR decided that a NY company can’t sell wine ice cream in Louisiana.

  Photographer Timothy Hursley and the silo he owns and photographs outside Greensboro, Alabama.

There will be a celebration of Medgar Evers’ life, at his 50th yahrzeit, this summer.

From the Memphis CA:
During a press conference at a Jackson library named for Evers, Evers-Williams and daughter Reena Evers-Everette announced the details of the weeklong celebration. The first event, a memorial service, will be held June 5 at Arlington National Cemetery, just outside Washington. Evers served in the Army and fought at the Battle of Normandy. A symposium at the Newseum in Washington will also be held on June 5. 

On June 10 and 11, there will be tours of civil rights sites around Jackson, a civil rights film festival and a day of learning and dialogue for young people in collaboration with the University of Mississippi’s William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation. June 12 will mark an international day of remembrance, including a celebration at the Mississippi Museum of Art, the chiming of bells and a tribute gala.

The just-launched Digital Public Library of America is going to be wonderful.

Vidalia Onions

Yes! Vidalias are in!  If you’re from Texas, the 1015s are in! If Vidalia or 1015 doesn’t ring any bells, they are sweet onions, the likes of which you could eat ‘straight’ like an apple because they’re so sweet.

This week I took my first one of the season and sauteed it until the pieces were golden brown and rich, then added them to coconut milk with green curry (and a couple of other things) and made the Vidalia-est Tom Kha soup. Delicious.

Texas Monthly includes a recipe for chili onion rings this month.

BTW, if you’re a hardcore Vidalia fan, you might plan to buy some at the very end of the season and stuff pantyhose with onions, in your basement.  Seriously.  They last for months that way, and you’ll feel *so smart* cooking with Vidalias during the December holidays when everyone else is making do with some sad old travel-weary orb from Peru.

MoMA intends to tear down the former American Folk Art Museum building, and Vanity Fair among so many others is asking why it is so “Dead Set on Perpetrating a Hideous Act of Architecture-cide?“.  And yes, there is a petition.

Ribs and a Grapico, Archibald's, Northport AL

A little bit about Grapico at Serious Eats.  I manage about two a year: each time we eat on the picnic tables outside Archibald’s in Northport.

The Faulkner family v. Sony Pictures trial over the use/misuse of Faulkner’s ‘past is never dead’ quote will be April 7, 2014 at US District Court in Oxford.

UVa is getting a grant from the NEH to “map and study the imaginary county in William Faulkner’s fiction writings.”

Wince.  The actress playing Daisy Buchanan in the new Gatsby movie says our Montgomery belle Zelda is like a K——–n, in Vogue.  Ouch.  And wrong.

The Austin Chronicle wonders if $280 was fair for admission to the Foodways Texas Symposium.

Letter To Me re: Scottsboro
(Gov. Bentley’s letter to me, in response to my request in early 2011) 

Governor Bentley signed the Scottsboro Boys Act this week. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who worked on this.

A building that the Civilian Conservation Corps built at DeSoto State Park will become a museum to the CCC.

Reason #1567250478 I love living in the South would have to be that some sweet creature who read this book previously used pink post-it notes to censor it.  I picked this up at the library, a book called ‘How to Live Like a Lady‘ (I have a soft spot for references on manners and good etiquette.  Can we ever know enough about those subjects, gentle reader?).  I didn’t expect a guide to this particular subject matter to be included, but I hope you enjoy the same smile I got, that a true lady went to the trouble to not expose another to what ladies should never concern themselves with in the first place.  I really do love this in the sweetest possible way:

Google Street View allows people to walking tour of museums, and here is the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Larry Harris: thank you for sharing this with me!

Another very good doc from a grad of Barefoot Workshops in Mississippi, and Chandler, yes! one day I am going to do it!  Seriously, I need to and I will.
Bad Apple Blues from Barefoot Workshops on Vimeo.

Billy Reid, Florence AL (this is a pic I took at the original Billy Reid in Florence)
There’s now a Billy Reid Outlet shop at Silver Sands in Destin.

What I’m reading this week:
The Little Paris Kitchen (this cookbook is great!)
Louis Armstrong, In His Own Words
The Message and the Book: Sacred Texts of the World’s Religions

Seagulls, Ocean Springs MS
XOXO everyone. We sure should spread some extra sweetness this week.

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