Passover Supper, First Night Seder

This year, we hosted first night seder rather than second night, which we usually do.

This is what I made:
a.) Beef Tenderloin (I always use Ina’s recipe and she never steers me wrong. I’m waiting for Ina to invite me to her and Jeffrey’s seder…). The best steaks ever.
b.) Rutabagas
c.) Roasted Potatoes
d.) Sauteed Mushrooms
e.) Chicken with Orange Glaze (not giving the recipe here because I made the mistake of making a dish for the first time, for a group of people, and while it wasn’t just awful…it wasn’t delectable, which is the goal…)
f.) Fried Green Tomatoes (thanks to Jeff Nathan’s kosher-for-Passover panko flakes which were amazing and helped me make maybe some of the best fgt I’ve ever done…and what good Southerner wouldn’t like to say that they had terrific fried green tomatoes at seder?!):Passover Fried Green Tomatoes
For dessert:
g.) Chocolate Galettes
h.) Pineapple Flan
i.) Espresso Sorbet…although there was so much food, I decided to keep it in the freezer to enjoy later during the holiday
j.) Ambrosia…stayed in the fridge for same reason as above…
k.) I did put out these little chocolate-dipped snacks along with the flan and galettes, though — strawberries, k-for-P potato chips (just for fun — we’ve been sitting at the table for so long, while I would never do it elsewhere I think it’s a little surprise here), and dried pineapple (my faves) for passing:
Chocolate-dipped Passover Snacks

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