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Cotton Rows, Leland MS
Above, a cotton field.

In Alabama and Mississippi, we are now growing more soybeans than cotton. Sniff.

Cathead is once again distributing their Honeysuckle Vodka!

Orange Rolls from The All Steak, Cullman AL
The All Steak in Cullman opened this week in their new location.  Maybe it’s because I work in graphic design that I dislike that the All Steak’s website photographs are stock images, but I really don’t understand why they use an image of orange rolls — their signature — that look nothing like what they actually serve. All Steak orange rolls are fluorescent orange.

After three generations in Jackson, Crechale’s (p. “cruh-shell’s”) is moving to Flowood this summer. Crechale’s = old-school Jackson.

And getting a Holeman and Finch hamburger in Atlanta just got a lot easier: they’re going to be serving them at Turner Field Braves games this year.

The NYT on how the Post Office has plans to sell some of its buildings, some of which include Treasury murals:
Eleven historic post offices are already on the market in places like Yankton, S.D.; Gulfport, Miss.; Norwich, Conn.; and Washington.

In many cases the buildings have not only been community hubs, but also remain among the most architecturally distinguished buildings in their towns, legacies of New Deal efforts to put America back to work.

So as the Postal Service tries to shrink, it is often finding itself in battle with groups trying to prevent what the National Trust for Historic Preservation last year labeled one of the most significant threats to the country’s architectural heritage.

Slideshow here.

Simply not sure about this one: Holy Ghost People, a SXSW selection this year.
From SXSW: On the trail of her missing sister, Charlotte (Emma Greenwell) enlists the help of Wayne (Brendan McCarthy), an ex-Marine and alcoholic, to infiltrate the Church of One Accord – an Appalachian community of snake-handlers who risk their lives seeking salvation in the Holy Ghost.

New York Magazine ponders how well the city is pulling off shrimp and grits. Slideshow.

Old Police Car, Shack Up Inn, Clarksdale MS
Travel and Leisure on the Delta, and they include Oxford.

The Mobile Press-Register asks which should be the Alabama State Bread: cornbread or biscuits.

…and from the April 2013 Martha Stewart Living: Scott Peacock’s recipe for buttermilk biscuits.

The Georgia Museum of Art at UGA will exhibit “Face Jugs: Art and Ritual in 19th-Century South Carolina” May 4 to July 7 this year. I would really like to see the ‘William H. Johnson: An American Modern’ exhibit that is showing now through May 12.


A dog food from Steve’s Real Food brand in Utah is recalling bags of its ‘Turducken Canine Diet‘. I just like that turducken has mainstreamed itself into a dog food flavor.  P.S. turduckens for humans = delicious.

Horton Mill Covered Bridge Span, Blount County AL

View Inside Horton Mill Covered Bridge, Blount County AL
The last of three restored covered bridges — Horton Mill — in Blount County will open to traffic next week (I took these pics in 2005).

The Bloody Occupation of Northern Alabama in the NYT Opinionator.

Just because: 10 How It’s Made clips from Mister Rogers. And even more just because, Mashable Star Wars + Schoolhouse Rock:

Grape Snoball, Hansen's Sno-Bliz, New Orleans LA

The snoball trial in New Orleans has ended, and Hansen’s (there is no better) opens March 19.

…settled the status of some arguments over snowball-making terms and flavor names: hurricane, buttercream, buttered popcorn, dill pickle, Georgia peach, king cake, praline, cookie dough, cake batter, mudslide, orchid cream vanilla and tiramisu, as well as snoball, snowball and snoball machine. The parties agreed those labels are too generic to trademark.

From Forbes: New Exhibit At The Met Shows How William Eggleston Made Color Photography Legit.

Thornton Dial
Susan Mitchell Crawley, the High‘s curator of folk art, is leaving the museum.

Roger Ward is going to be the new chief curator and deputy director at the Mississippi Museum of Art (he was the curator of European art at the Nelson-Atkins for several years…that is a *fantastic* museum).

This happened late last month and seems like forever ago, but if you haven’t seen it yet, this is the apology from The Daily Show to former MS Secretary of State Dick Molpus.

The world is going to be getting a lot of Zelda this year.
The Great Gatsby film comes out in May.
This month, the book Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald  comes out, then in May, Beautiful Fools: The Last Affair of Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Call Me Zelda.

…and I didn’t even catch this until now, but the Ben Gibbard / Aimee Mann song “Bigger than Love” that came out late last year was inspired by them and their love letters in Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda, and was discussed on All Things Considered.

Travel + Leisure’s list of best breakfasts in the world includes Big Bad Breakfast in Oxford.

Evelyn Burrow Museum, Hanceville AL

The Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace in Hanceville is exhibiting “Pre-1900’s Alabama Folk Pottery” later this month through May.

From the NYT: The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking. Seriously.
THIRTEEN years ago, researchers at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum began the grim task of documenting all the ghettos, slave labor sites, concentration camps and killing factories that the Nazis set up throughout Europe.

What they have found so far has shocked even scholars steeped in the history of the Holocaust.

The researchers have cataloged some 42,500 Nazi ghettos and camps throughout Europe, spanning German-controlled areas from France to Russia and Germany itself…

The figure is so staggering that even fellow Holocaust scholars had to make sure they had heard it correctly when the lead researchers previewed their findings at an academic forum in late January at the German Historical Institute in Washington.

Yay Mississippi, yay world — from CBS: A baby born with the virus that causes AIDS appears to have been cured, scientists announced Sunday, describing the case of a child from Mississippi who’s now two and a half years old and has been off medication for about a year with no signs of infection…

“I just felt like this baby was at higher-than-normal risk, and deserved our best shot,” Dr. Hannah Gay, a pediatric HIV specialist at the University of Mississippi, said in an interview…

Cafe Reconcile will be open next week after finishing months of renovations.

Bagel Palace, Atlanta GA
Lunch this last week at Bagel Palace in Atlanta (Passover shopping!).

Reading this week:
Nigellissima: Easy Italian-inspired Recipes by Nigella Lawson
The Beautiful Edible Garden: Design A Stylish Outdoor Space Using Vegetables, Fruits, and Herbs by Stefani Bittner
The American Way of Eating: Undercover at Walmart, Applebee’s, Farm Fields and the Dinner Table by Tracie McMillan
I Am Forbidden by Anouk Markovits

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