Today is my and Av’s wedding anniversary!

We had our first date in 1998 but we were very close to each other (without knowing each other) at two events in 1992, this one above in May, and another march in June, both times when we were protesting haters. The picture in the New York Times article above here has us both in it (Av is on the left-hand side of the pic and I’m on the right-hand side) and describes our scene: “About 700 people gathered yesterday in Linn Park in Birmingham, Ala., for what organizers described as a prayer vigil against hate.”  

We could have saved a few years if we’d just somehow run into each other either of those times. In any case, I’m very happy to be married to my beshert and to be celebrating our anniversary today!

Wedding : Ginger


Av and Ginger

…and we get to celebrate with the two best things either of us have ever done:
Shug and Shugie

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