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Scottsboro Boys Museum, Scottsboro AL
The NYT runs an editorial on ‘Exonerating the Scottsboro Nine‘. And…our state senate has voted unanimously to issue pardons for the Scottsboro boys this week!

Broadway World reports that ‘Scottsboro Boys’ the musical will be performed again, now at the West End’s Young Vic, shows starting October 18.

The Carnegie Visual Arts Center in Decatur has on exhibit ‘The Scottsboro Boys: Outside the Protective Circle of Humanity‘ now through March 30th.

Weaver D’s (‘Automatic for the People!’) is up for sale now in Athens.
Weaver called for help in October, when the restaurant was on the brink of closing, and the community came out. A Facebook campaign by one patron drew more than 200 customers into the business on a Friday afternoon, and many Athenians passed through to purchase food, make donations and offer verbal support.

“We had a lot of people coming throughout the day,” Weaver said. “We was open up until around 9 o’ clock every day, you know, because people just still kept coming, and we just served them. We served them on up ‘til the end, ‘til they stopped coming.”

Business picked up for about two weeks, Weaver said, but then slowed again.

Eugene Walter, Mobile

Wonderful-wonderful Eugene Walter will be celebrated as part of the Southern Literary Trail in Mobile this March.

The George Lindsey UNA Film Festival‘s starts February 28 and its focus this year is ‘Alabama’ and they’re premiering the doc ‘Muscle Shoals’.

The list of restaurant and chef semifinalists for the James Beard awards have been announced.

“The Work of Reverend Albert Wagner: Collection of Wesley and Missy Cochran of LaGrange, Georgia,” at Outsiders Art and Collectibles in Durham through March 16.
(if you’re saying to yourself,  ‘gosh, who are the Cochrans from LaGrange? This is nice…’)  From the Herald-Sun:
The Cochrans are not typical collectors; he is a stonemason and she is a school teacher. They love art and spend every extra dime buying it. Their collection includes 38 Andy Warhols. These Wagner images are their first foray into outsider art.

Billboard reports that the new Grammy Museum in Cleveland, Mississippi will break ground next month.

All parties involved in the new Grammy Museum view it as an opportunity to explore Mississippi music, especially the blues and country music, and to export exhibits and educational programs from the L.A. museum. Cleveland is the home of the Delta Music Institute, an independent center within Delta State’s College of Arts & Sciences that offers music industry studies and a sound recording technology program.

“We wanted to make sure its integrated into the college experience,” Santelli told Billboard, “ that there are connections with the student body and faculty. “Rural Mississippi is not downtown Los Angeles, so it’s not as much a tourist attraction. We will extend and broaden our reach with an address in the South and I’m certain that gve-and-take will be a two-way street.”

…“Take Mississippi out of the equation,” Santelli says, explaining the logic of the location, “and it’s hard to answer the question of ‘what is American music?’”

These are worms in dirt — the first day our package arrived from someone who sells worms for composting, they were scrawny and tired (pic below) but they’re chubby and wiggly now, and they seem to love gobbling celery, carrots, and banana peels. The boys love the idea that they’re composting now, and our happy family has grown by about a thousand:

Vermiculture, First Day

The ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ home in Atlanta (Druid Hills) is on the market.

Supper one night at El Cantaro Taqueria in Montgomery, it came highly recommended. It’s very close to the interstate and is in a run-down (but busy) shopping center — I had a taco and chile relleno (very good) and Av had fajitas (very, very good):
El Cantaro Taqueria, Montgomery AL

Lunch one day at the new-ish El Barrio in downtown B’ham, with a giant mural on one wall.  I had the roasted chile relleno stuffed with black beans, cactus, monterey jack, pine nuts, and a roasted garlic cream — pretty great — and Av had the carne asada ‘brava’ which was a hanger steak, sweet potatoes, peppers, chorizo, grilled onion, with mexican steak sauce — also pretty great. The chips, though, aren’t complimentary. The guac was fresh and nice.
El Barrio, Birmingham AL

‘House of Cards’ on Netflix is not only wonderful, they made the series available all at once, so prepare your weekend.

Twitter feed of the week: Modern Seinfeld.

Reading: Butterfly in the Typewriter: the Tragic Life of John Kennedy Toole and the Remarkable Story of A Confederacy of Dunces

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