Meeting Places

Thinking about Valentine’s Day coming up…
Post Office, Attalla AL
Once when I was little, I asked my Nanny z”l and PawPaw z”l where they first met, and I remember PawPaw answering while sort-of laughing — so I’m not sure if he was completely serious — but the story goes that he was with some friends at the post office, and my Nanny came in, and he said purposefully loud enough for her to hear, ‘that’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen’.

He was right. She was gorgeous.

He was back from the war, and they surely knew each other from before since they were so close in age and lived in the same small town. I think he meant it was the first time he realized they were meant to be together.

Last year on the way to Guntersville, I stopped in the building and found this magnificent interior with *all that marble*, the tile-work, heavy wood doors, and those gorgeous old banks of mailboxes. It makes me like that story even more if that’s possible, to know it was in this setting.

Wedding : PawPaw
(me and my sweet PawPaw in 1999, at my wedding)

Av and I met through a mutual friend, an older gentleman who I did business with through the company I was with. Our first date was at a restaurant known as being ‘the most romantic restaurant’ in the city, something they advertised. It must’ve worked; coincidentally also having supper there that night (another friend of Av’s) was the girl who would shortly thereafter become my best friend all this time. Sweet.

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