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SouthBound Bagel in Hattiesburg — really good:

SouthBound Bagel, Hattiesburg MS

SouthBound Bagel, Hattiesburg MS

SouthBound Bagel, Hattiesburg MS

The New Yorker on The Michelangelo of Alabama Football.

Dwight Henry, who was in ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild‘ and owns the Buttermilk Drop Bakery in Treme is opening second bakery in Harlem this spring.

Monument for Fred the Town Dog, Rockford Alabama

There’s an Indiegogo campaign to make a film about Fred, the town dog of Rockford, Alabama.

Blue Bell Creameries has Mardi Gras Ice Cream! King Cake flavored!

But if you’re looking for it and wonder where it’s stocked, Blue Bell doesn’t respond to their customers on their FB page. They don’t have an active Twitter account. And they ask customers to contact them via a PO Box only. Hmmm.

Temple Arts Festival, Nashville TN
There will be a public memorial service for the late artist Sylvia Hyman at The Temple in Nashville on January 27 at 2p.

Mishkan Israel

(Selma has something you almost never see in synagogues — an image of a person, like in this stained glass window above, because we go to great lengths to avoid any appearance of idolatry (see Ten Commandments)).

Selma has released the places on their 2013 Spring Pilgrimage, March 15-16 — it includes one of my favorite synagogues anywhere (and where I’ve been to a handful of services), Mishkan Israel…that’s one of its windows above.

Yes! SoFAB, the Southern Food and Beverage Museum has launched an online international culinary dictionary called NittyGrits.

Big fire this week at the Dreamland in Norcross.

So nice — the art of Levi Fisher Ames at the Kohler Arts Center. From ArtInfo:

During his lifetime he refused to sell any of the pieces, believing they were inextricably linked to the stories and needed to remain together to be appreciated. Yet after he died, the art was all sold to a pawn shop for $133 and almost separated and lost until his family reclaimed them. His grandson would go on to facilitate the donation of the Ames Museum of Art to Kohler Foundation, Inc. in 2001, where the herd of wooden animals is now part of the permanent collection which focuses on self-taught and folk artists.

APKjr — Amos Kennedyhas donated a series of Rosa Parks prints to the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery.

Riverside Hotel, Clarksdale MS
February 2013 Travel and Leisure on the Mississippi Delta:
Bigger cities in the South—Memphis, Austin, New Orleans—have laid claims to musical greatness, but block for block, tiny Clarksdale beats them hands down. From the Depression on, this Mississippi Delta town has been the heartbeat of the blues. The crossroads of Highways 61 and 49 is where bluesman Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to Satan. Bessie Smith breathed her last at what is now the Riverside Hotel. Ike Turner was a native son. Nearby Parchman Farm, an infamous state penitentiary, deserves dishonorable mention for its chain-gang work chant and field-holler traditions. (Elvis Presley’s father served time there.) And Red’s Lounge, on Sunflower Avenue, remains one of the last true juke joints, where old-school acoustic musicians like Robert Belfour play almost every night as owner Red Paden turns rib tips on his pit smoker outside the front door.

The lawsuit from the Faulkner estate on the Northrop Grumman newspaper ad using one of his quotes has been settled.

James Hood, one of the people who integrated the University of Alabama, has passed away.
Hood attended the university for a few months before moving to Michigan and going to school there. He returned in 1997 to earn his doctorate in education, according to the university.

In 2010, the university honored his pioneering efforts by naming the site of the infamous confrontation the Malone-Hood Plaza.

Hood met with Wallace in 1996, and the former governor apologized for his actions. When Wallace died in 1998, Hood attended the funeral, calling the former segregationist a changed man.

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