Oak Square: Roux, Baudoine, Meeks

This weekend, there will be an estate sale at the 1850 Greek Revival Oak Square in Port Gibson.  Miss Lum is still with us, but the contents are being sold by her son, who Av knows and called tonight to check on things. They are just downsizing and those who go to the sale will be able to bring home full- and half- tester beds, a rosewood Chickering square grand piano, some pretty balloon-back chairs (all three things on my top-ten furnishings wish-list of all time).

To be sure, there is…well, junk. There are antiques that aren’t as nice as you want them to be.  And I don’t think I saw any John Henry Belter (my favorite) for instance.  But there *are* pieces by Alexander Roux, Charles A. Baudoine, and Meeks.

A listing of items here.

Story in the C-L here.

And I can’t believe for all the times we’ve been in Port Gibson that I’ve never taken a picture of it, but Google Maps to the rescue:

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