Goodbye Sweet Sylvia Hyman

I was sad to hear about this this over winter break; artist Sylvia Hyman passed away December 23. These are her works — while they look incredibly ‘real’…

Temple Arts Festival, Nashville TN
That isn’t basil and garlic; that pencil won’t write, that recipe card isn’t a card, that recipe box isn’t wood…

Temple Arts Festival, Nashville TN
That’s not wood, those aren’t rubber wheels, that isn’t paper sheet music…

They’re all hyper-realistic ceramic pieces she made.

I met her first at the Temple Arts Festival a couple of years ago in Nashville.  What a terrific person she was.

From The Tennessean:
Renowned visual artist Sylvia Hyman, known for her strikingly realistic ceramic pieces and her longtime support of the arts, died on Sunday, Dec. 23. in Nashville. She was 95.

“There are few ceramists anywhere more revered than Nashville’s own, Sylvia Hyman,” said Susan Edwards, executive director of the Frist Center for the Visual Arts. “In her long and productive career, encompassing abstraction and realism, Sylvia showed us the remarkable power of touch and the potential of clay. Her exhibition at the Frist (in 2007) remains one of our most well-received locally. She was a good friend, a world-class talent and an indomitable spirit.”

Carol Stein, the owner of Cumberland Gallery who represented Ms. Hyman for years, called her a “singular force in the ceramic community, both internationally and locally.”

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