Finally, A Bite Of King Cake

King Cake from Paul's Pastry
above: close-up of a Paul’s Pastry king cake we had a few years ago

It’s Twelfth Night (1/6), King’s Day when we can start having king cake again!

This from The Advocate:

(at Cochon Butcher) For Mardi Gras, the restaurant at 930 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, will serve an Elvis king cake, filled with peanut butter and bananas and topped with toasted marshmallows and bacon.
In Baton Rouge, bacon also stars in Tiger Deaux-nuts’ maple-iced king cake. The doughnut shop at 4608 Jones Creek Road, Suite 250, is featuring a deep-fried, doughnut-based king cake iced with maple frosting and topped with bacon pieces.
While Cochon Butcher is offering individual king cakes, food blogger Aimee Broussard’s downsized the traditional treat even more. She made it into a cookie that took the Dixie Crystals Bake Off cake.

“I took a praline recipe and a snickerdoodle recipe and combined the two,” Broussard, 34, of Baton Rouge, said of her entry into the Dixie Crystals Bake Off Contest at the Mixed Food Blogger Conference Nov. 30 to Dec. 2 at Mountain Lake Resort in Virginia.

Sucre, Metairie LA
(above, pics I took at Sucre from a previous trip — their macaroons are crazy-good)

Sucre is making Mardi Gras-colored macaroons along with their softly-colored king cakes.

Ambrosia Bakery in Baton Rouge makes a Zulu king cake.  Calandro’s in BR makes a Mississippi Mud kc. Crawfish (and other)-shaped in Gretna at Hi Do BakeryRouse’s makes a red velvet king cake, but as much as I love both red velvet cake and king cake, the idea of them getting married just doesn’t…

And I know that the Tastee/McKenzie kc is sooo traditional but soooo dry!!

Admitting: I like the Paul’s Pastry king cakes that you can get at their shop in Picayune (after you stand there with a hundred other people waiting for just your flavor to come out) and at thirty different gas stations…

Galette des Rois
If you like super-traditional, you can make Galette des Rois (my recipe with pics here).

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