DAR And Revolutionary PawPaws

Last spring I went to my first D.A.R. meeting. It’s at a pretty club here in town, and everyone was so nice.



In fact, the speaker that day was related to a soldier who was in my PawPaw Captain Charles Polk Sr.’s Company in the Revolutionary War. I have a few other grandfathers who served too, including Andrew McLarty, Thomas Shelby, Henry Hastings, George Kiker, James Morrison, Thomas Hawkins, Andrew Hudlow (all these from the non-Jewish side of my family) and William Littlefield II who is buried at the cemetery at Bethany Baptist Church in Reece City, Alabama. If you’re also related to any of these gentlemen, I’d love to hear from you!
William Littlefield II, Rev War Veteran

He was given a more modern monument (his original is the full-length stacked stone one just behind), with the medallion:
William Littlefield II, Rev War Veteran

There were a few other interesting monuments there, including the one you see top-right, here, that says ‘These grave lots are all dedicated to my future generations’:
Bethany Baptist Church, Reece City AL

And just across Highway 11 from the church and cemetery we found this:
Turner General Store

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