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Dreidel Cake
This week we’ve been celebrating Chanukah; for our cake this year I designed a dreidel with a heart showing for our sweet-sweet family! Thank you Amy at Whole Foods for always turning my scribbles into yummy icing!

Chalmette Movies is going to be showing this film about Hubig’s Pies before each feature:

From the Cavalier Daily: Former University professor Joseph Blotner, a renowned William Faulkner biographer, passed away Nov. 16 at the age of 89. Blotner is credited for leading the effort to bring Faulkner to the University’s English department.

Blotner and Faulkner grew close in their time together at the University, a relationship that provided Blotner with the expertise needed to construct his comprehensive two-volume biography. The book is considered by many academics as essential to the study of Faulkner.

Hero Pecans

Hero Pecans are available, order online / retail locations at website:
Alabama Black Belt: Pecans!: born in 2009 from a HEROyouth* marketing assignment, is revered not only for its quality of taste, but for its business model. Pecans! is not only a sustainable small business, but co-serves as a job training opportunity for at-risk HEROyouth to gain valuable food service skills. Utilizing home grown ingredients to forge its pecan butter, sugared pecans and pecan brittle, it is a must taste in the South. To make it even sweeter, all Pecans! profits go to the HEROyouth Scholarship Fund that rewards three (3) scholarships annually to HEROyouth students who are pursuing a post-secondary degree.

Very nice article on Alabama’s oldest farm, and its 101-year-old farmer, at with slideshow.

From The Telegraph — goodbye TKAM, hello insulation manual:

American literature classics are to be replaced by insulation manuals and plant inventories in US classrooms by 2014.

A new school curriculum which will affect 46 out of 50 states will make it compulsory for at least 70 per cent of books studied to be non-fiction, in an effort to ready pupils for the workplace.

Books such as JD Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye and Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird will be replaced by “informational texts” approved by the Common Core State Standards.

Suggested non-fiction texts include Recommended Levels of Insulation by the the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Invasive Plant Inventory, by California’s Invasive Plant Council.

The new educational standards have the backing of the influential National Governors’ Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, and are being part-funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

A music documentary, ‘Muscle Shoals’, will premiere at 2013 Sundance.

At the Willie Nelson Concert
We went to the Willie Nelson concert at the Alabama Theatre and *wow* was it ever so fun!

Epicurious came out with their 2013 Food Trends list. Front burner: vegetable plate — back burner: meatballs.

NPR says: Texas Twang is Fixin’ to Ride Off Into the Sunset.  Sniff.

The Steel Magnolia home is for sale in Natchitoches.

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