Downstairs Salesroom

I grew up in Cullman, so when I go home, every now and then I like to run into Southern Accents, which is a very large architectural antiques shop.

Southern Accents, Cullman AL

Ohmygosh the things I have passed up there and still dream about…copper bathtubs…a marble-topped chocolate factory table from Memphis…and what I miss most, a bank of antique post office boxes from Selma (can you imagine the messages that have passed through those?).  Those are all gone, but I wish I had at the time (which was during college, which means basically penniless of course), found a way to take them home!

Southern Accents, Cullman

Maybe I’m a little nostalgic, but the past hundred times I’ve been in, I haven’t found really-really interesting dreamy things to consider like I think there used to be.  And the things I’ve thought about bringing home (like, since we were talking about antique locks and keys for jewelry yesterday, a la Rault’s in New Orleans) have been more expensive than I’ve imagined they should really cost.

Southern Accents, Cullman

No matter, if you’re in town, it’s a fun place to spend an hour.  And they do still have very, very nice items.

I actually did ask about buying this broken neon sign (how perfect would this be in our stairwell??? Av would have loved.) home but they weren’t sure they wanted to sell it and never called me back.
Southern Accents, Cullman

Back in October, the NYT had a story about neon signs and the reopening of the Neon Museum in Las Vegas.

Some of my favorite neon signs here, and of course my favorite is my pic of Glenn House’s Moon Winx sign in Alberta, Alabama:

Moon Winx Motel Sign, Alberta City AL

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