Dooky Chase’s Fried Chicken

Food and Wine has their slideshow of the best fried chicken in the US. Of the almost 30 on their list, we’ve been to a handful — Prince’s in Nashville, Mama Dip’s in Chapel Hill, Mary Mac’s in Atlanta, and Willie Mae’s in New Orleans.
Meanwhile, I’m starting to think that Av’s top ten list of favorite fried chicken must have at least twenty places on it.  But no matter what, he really is crazy about the chicken at Dooky Chase’s in New Orleans, and he would tell you that no matter what, it really is ‘top ten’. 

Dooky Chase's, New Orleans LA

Above the double doors, Obama and Leah:

Dooky Chase's, New Orleans LA

Plenty of art inside, including stained glass pieces:

Dooky Chase's, New Orleans LA

There are three Charles Sims paintings as well. This is by Bruce Bice:
Dooky Chase's, New Orleans LA

I mostly avoid steam tables, but here, sign me up. A taste of many things…
Dooky Chase's, New Orleans LA
…and yes, that fried chicken was *good*.

Leah Chase’s 90th birthday is coming up, and plans are in the works for the Edgar ‘Dooky’ Jr. and Leah Chase Family Foundation, from the T-P and their press release:

Friday, Jan. 4, three lunch seatings at Dooky Chase Restaurant will feature a special menu of Leah Chase’s favorites. The chef will attend and share stories. Cost is $40 per person.

Saturday, Jan. 5 The Dinner of a Lifetime, $250 per person, will celebrates Leah Chase’s 90th birthday, will be held at the Hyatt Regency, with a cocktail reception followed by a four-course meal prepared in her honor by soon-to-be-named well-known chefs.


“I’m so excited about the celebration, even if I’m more comfortable being on the giving end than the receiving end,” Leah Chase said after the initial announcement. “I love to give, and I’m so thankful for everything the community is doing. I’m so grateful to everybody.

“Now, I feel like I owe people, and the more I owe people, the longer I have to live to pay it all back,” she said. “This city has done so much for me and my family and I feel like I ought to pay back and I’m not quite sure how. But I keep trying.”

The foundation will focus on “social justice activities that foster inclusion, and support of the creative and culinary arts,” according to the press release. Leah Chase is a noted art collector.

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