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Memphis’ Revival Southern Food Company‘s food-truck is on Craigslist because an operator partner is on to something else.  Apparently, the entire business is for sale, or one could buy just the truck/equipment.

Someone somewhere needs to see this, be inspired, then go off and make the world’s most beautiful menu.

First time here: a mixtape!

Who wants to do this with me? The only way to get to the Bottle Creek Indian Mound is by boat, so…
Delta History and Bottle Creek Indian Mound Boat Tour
Departing from 5 Rivers, this guided tour visits many of the major historical milestones of the Mobile-Tensaw Delta. Most recently with the Ghost Fleet and the Civil War, then marching back in time 800 years to the mound-building Native American tribes of what is now the Midwestern, Eastern, and Southeastern United States.

Accessible only by boat, this is a 4 hour interpretive tour via boat that involves a reasonable hike through the Delta, culminating in climbing the highest hand-built Indian Mound on Mound Island at 45ft (when the rest of the delta varies by only 3ft). During this tour, your guide will introduce you to both the fauna and flora of the middle Delta’s cypress swamps, view areas of interest from the Civil War and Ghost Fleet era, as well as walk back in time, to a day in the life of the Native Americans who were part of the Mississippian culture. Learn about their sports, housing, food and culture.

Channel 7 in Roanoke visits a church in Middlesboro, Kentucky that goes by the Signs.

BTW, if any of you have any connections with the church(es) here in Alabama that handle serpents during services, a television producer contacted me asking if I could help them. They *assured* me that it was to do a special series that was in no way, shape, or form disrespectful (I asked), that the premise was to get people of varying faiths together to do good works, and it’s designed for a network (they told me which one) that would not participate in broadcasting any kind of degrading material. So if any of you have a connection and are interested, email me. Thanks

If you have a deep love for barbecue — it’s more than just lunch or supper — the Mueller family (read this one first) drama hurts. Austin Chronicle has the latest.

The USDA has some things it wants you to know if you’re preparing a turducken.

The beautiful armadillo. Really.

Famous portraitist Marshall Bouldin III, 89, has passed away.

In the NYT: deconstructed pumpkin pie, adapted from Le Bernadin.

Oh, Stephen Root, you Gator fan you, the best thing you have ever done is take on the role of Gaston Means on Boardwalk Empire and put on that wonderful accent. I beg you to do my outgoing voicemail message a la Carl Kasell from “Wait Wait”.  I’ll leave money in your goldfish bowl.

What a fantastic home tour in Apartment Therapy of a home in B’ham, arch firm: Green Bottle Workshop. Green Bottle’s co-founders are from Rural Studio.

Wake Up Thanksgiving Mashed Potatoes with a Touch of Kimchi via NPR, from Debbie Lee, who used to live in Jackson:
Lee is the owner and operator of the Los Angeles-based Korean-American restaurant Ahn Joo, and the author of Seoultown Kitchen: Korean Pub Grub To Share With Family And Friends. While Korean by heritage, Lee didn’t grow up eating traditional Korean foods.

“When my parents came over here in the early ’60s from Korea after the war, they planted in Jackson, Miss. My mother was too young at the time to really develop the understanding of cooking Korean food, so what she learned how to make was good ol’ Southern food,” says Lee.

“Mom would do everything from standard giblet gravy to some buttermilk mashed potatoes to sweet potato pie” for Thanksgiving.

But Lee’s grandmother would bring a jar of kimchi — a Korean spicy pickle, usually cabbage, to Thanksgiving every year. And Lee had to put some on her plate, to be polite.

“For some reason I would follow my brother’s suit, and so Robbie would put it right next to his mashed potatoes and I’d do the same, so the juice from the kimchi would end up going to the mashed potatoes, and I’d start stirring it. Hence where I sort of developed the recipe for my kimchi smashed potatoes,” she says.

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