Treme 200, Yakamein, and Jazz Mass

Treme 200 is this week, through Sunday.  It celebrates 200 years of Treme being part of the city of New Orleans with all kinds of different events.

One business in the neighborhood is Manchu — and I think its full name is Manchu Food Store and Chinese Kitchen — it’s just that:
Manchu, Food Store / Chinese Kitchen
Kind-of a mess (see above image, shelves), you place your order through plexiglass, and you may get asked for spare change outside (on this particular visit, I was asked twice by two different people. But you know. Whatever.). The people inside are friendly and I like this neighborhood no matter what.

Po boys, seafood, chicken wings (pic’d above — very, very good — they’re very well-known for them) eggrolls, and…
Manchu, Food Store / Chinese Kitchen

Yakamein (say ‘yaka-mee’) is broth, meat, spaghetti noodles, scallions, and seasoning. And a hard-boiled egg.  While some people think of it as specific to New Orleans, it’s a dish known in other parts of the country too.

Manchu, Food Store / Chinese Kitchen

Manchu, Food Store / Chinese Kitchen
And in those containers, it stays hot for *hours* just on the counter. The yakamein at Manchu…pretty good.

Sunday’s event during Treme 200 — would love to go to this:

9 a.m. at 1210 Gov. Nicholls St.
Founded in 1841 by free people of color, St. Augustine Church in Tremé belongs to the oldest African-American Catholic parish in the nation. The congregation is known for its sociopolitical activism, its community support, and its music. As part of Tremé 200, Father Moody will host a traditional Jazz Mass in remembrance of the War of the Pews, in which the free Blacks of Tremé provided the first exclusive place of worship for the enslaved in America.

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