Av loves Domilise’s.
Domilise's, New Orleans

Domilise's, New Orleans
Those sacks of Leidenheimer bread = fresh. One of us got the roast beef, dressed.  The other, shrimp, plain.  And yes, it was all crazy-good.

Last month, the T in the New York Times’ travel issue magazine (amazing) was done by artist Mary Howard, who grew up in New Orleans but lives in Portland now.  When the Times asked her what to do in Portland, she wanted to talk instead about what to do in her hometown.  And what was the first thing to do?
I will give advice about New Orleans since I am still new to Portland. In New Orleans, get off your plane and walk outside, soak up the humidity but don’t be alarmed by it.

Breathe it all in and head straight to Domilise’s Po-Boy in Uptown New Orleans.

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