One of my favorite shops in the French Quarter — and here I have to say that it’s a favorite but I’ve never bought anything there (much like my unrequited love for all things M.S. Rau which is every bit as much an antiques shop as a terrific museum) is Lucullus on Chartres.

I wondered if it was named after the Roman ‘Lucullus’ and sure enough, I did a little research and found that he was a huge gastronome and party-giver, and was attributed with this quote to his steward, after dining alone with a rather uninspired dish one evening: 
“What, did not you know, then, that today Lucullus dines with Lucullus?”
That probably says a lot about his personality too.  Nevertheless, Lucullus in the Quarter is a terrific mix of culinary antiques.

If you’ve thought about starting or enlarging a collection of copper pots, then…

Lucullus, New Orleans LA

Lucullus, New Orleans LA

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