Little Mouse

Earlier this month when we were in Hattiesburg, we finally got to a bakery I have heard a lot of great things about: C’est la Vie.  And what was sure to make the boys smile? A cute-cute little mouse with almond sliver ears:

C'est La Vie Bakery, Hattiesburg MS

Inside was chocolate mousse inside, on a little cookie, all with almond flavoring (which…almond can get too strong very easily, but this was nice).

We also ran in to Breadsmith in Hattiesburg, because I wanted to bring one of their vanilla egg challahs home (turns out they only make it available on Friday, which makes sense) so since they didn’t have it that day, we tried the apple pie bread, which was pretty good. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Breadsmith is a franchise and this is the only one in MS (or AL or LA).

Breadsmith, Hattiesburg MS

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