A couple of weeks ago when we had lunch at Cafe Vermilionville in Lafayette, we had a pretty terrific lunch.  The gumbo, especially…:
Cafe Vermilionville, Lafayette LA

The setting was terrific, too as it’s not just a restaurant — this is how it’s described on their website:
The Vermilionville Living History Museum and Folklife Park is a cultural development within the Bayou Vermilion District, serving to preserve the cultural resources of Lafayette Parish and the surrounding region. The museum contains many unique restored historical items within its collection. There are artisans working daily in the park providing an example of how various tasks and crafts were completed back to the early days of the Acadians and Creoles as they worked to create a successful life in the Attakapas Region of the new Louisiana territory.

The park is a picturesque representation of a village from a time period of 1765 to 1890. Within the park visitors are allowed an up close look at many examples of early building architecture as well as how inhabitants worked in their day to day life.’

And sure enough, when we finished lunch, there was a session starting in this large barn-like building which featured musicians from all over the area.  A really nice surprise was that the Queen of Cajun Music —  the Queen of Cajun Accordian, Sheryl Cormier — was there (in the pic, right across, with the crawfish accordian).  It was fantastic!
Cajun Music at Vermilionville

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