Tribute To Mr. Imagination

Mr. I Hat, Charles Gilliam
My friend Larry Harris, who has/is the most excellent repository of art environments anywhere, had something wonderful happen this week.

Larry was friends with the late world-famous artist Mr. Imagination for many years, and about ten years ago, Mr I took one of Larry’s grandfather’s straw work hats and covered it with bottlecaps (he was known for working with bottlecaps and other found materials).  More of Mr I’s work here at the Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago.

After Mr. I’s passing, Larry tried to think of different ways he could display the hat, and one friend came up with the idea that it sit on a kind of wooden bust of Mr I.

Larry contacted his friend, the artist Charles Gilliam of New Orleans, chairman of the Algiers Folk Art Zone, who said he would like to create this piece, as Charles had spoken with Mr I in the past about collaborating on the Folk Art Zone.

This week, evacuating from home due to Hurricane/TS Isaac, Charles brought with him to Houston the piece you see him holding above.

How fantastic is that!?  Larry and Charles, it looks great! Mr. I would love it.  Mwah!

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