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Av’s sweet Gramma Honey grew up in New Orleans; her shul was Anshe Sfard on Carondelet.  We’ve been there to services a few time and it’s so pretty, especially inside with the theater marquee lights along the ceiling arc; the building was used in a scene of the new movie The Campaign — it’s in the trailer for a moment at about 1:36.

I first knew Gloria Vanderbilt because I thought in middle school that she made the coolest brand of jeans (this was very slightly before I graduated to brands like — and ownership of these mostly thanks to serious sales and the outlet mecca that once-upon-a-time was Boaz, AL — Benetton, Swatch, Esprit, and the near-twins J.Crew and Tweeds (Tweeds, I *still* miss you and your beautiful catalog and your beautiful clothes and your penchant for lovingly naming colors like parsley, buff, candlelight, and mortar.  Maybe you moved on (well, let’s call it that) but I never did. Come back, okay?).  Anyway, Gloria’s made herself into many things, including artist.  Earlier this year, she made a speech at the Huntsville Museum of Art and got such a welcome that back in NYC, she’s going to do fundraisers for the museum in conjunction with a show there on her art — she’ll put on an Gala Opening Party, and a supper.  Very, very nice.

Christo is coming to USM (Hattiesburg) on September 5 to present a lecture.

Drive-In Screen, Argo Alabama
CBS News on drive-in theaters gaining popularity and more of them opening around the country.

Forbes published the list of highest-grossing restaurants in the country, and at the top is…in Wheeling, Illinois:
What started out as a 250-seat restaurant has grown to 700 seats serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bob Chinn’s is the Disneyland of seafood restaurants. Diners are shuffled through several wait stations but rarely loose their cool. Maybe it’s because they’re lubricated by Chinn’s famous Mai Tai cocktail that one reviewer said was “so strong it could strip paint off siding.” Or maybe it’s because the 300-strong staff keeps things moving. On an average day Chinn’s serves 2,500 meals. On a holiday it can serve as many as 4,500.

One of the top-ten is Elizabeth on 37th (with $17.4MM), in Savannah.

Pic from our visit to Napoleon House…those walls are crazy-beautiful:

Old Absinthe House, New Orleans LA

Chris Hannah from Arnaud’s French 75 developed this recipe for the ‘Mourning Pie Cocktail‘ in honor/remembrance of Hubig’s, which is going to come back from the fire better and stronger than ever — and kisses to Rouse’s, which offered to hire any Hubig’s employee in the meantime.

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