Pointing Up To Heaven

Of all the cities in Alabama, the one with the highest overall population percentage growth last year did it with two people moving in.

That’s because Mooresville went from 53 people to 55.

The US Census found that four cities in Alabama gained over 1k in population, but Mooresville deserves this good news — and it’s no wonder because not only was it the first town incorporated by the Alabama Territorial Legislature in 1818, it’s one of the prettiest little towns anywhere:
Mooresville, Alabama

This is the inside of the post office, where brides send their wedding invitations because a.) it’s pretty Mooresville and b.) they still postmark the invitations by hand, so they are still gorgeous when they arrive.  I went in one day just to buy stamps so as to have an excuse to come inside!:
Post Office, Mooresville AL

One of the most interesting things in town is the brick church because…
Mooresville, Alabama

…atop it is this steeple, as finger pointing toward heaven:

Mooresville, Alabama

Very similar is this steeple atop First Presbyterian in Port Gibson, MS:

First Presbyterian Church - Gold Hand Pointing Toward Heaven - Port Gibson MS

So terrific!
Port Gibson, MS: First Presbyterian Steeple
While I’ve been through Port Gibson dozens of times and have taken pics of this steeple often, I’ve never been inside — it’s supposed to be gorgeous, and includes three chandeliers from the steamboat Robert E. Lee (yes, that is him on Traveller in the middle of all that brass).

Another of the chandeliers is at St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans:
St. Louis Cathedral, New Orleans LA

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