Giant Armadillos Forever: Goode Co. Barbecue in Houston

Last month in Houston, we went to the Goode Co. Barbecue on Kirby Drive in Houston (this was across the street at Goode’s Armadillo Palace).  Giant armadillos forever!
Goode Company Armadillo, Houston TX

Since this was lunch, we decided to just order one of the large combo plates — brisket, duck, and the Czech sausage so everyone could share (so many times if we each order something, there is a crazy amount of food left over — so we’ve learned that we save money and stop being so wasteful this way).  It was all really good!
Goode Company Barbecue, Houston Texas

There were so many places we wanted to try in Houston — Gatlin’s, Tony’s, Hugo’s, and even Kenny and Ziggy’s for deli…but the best place of all I’ll save for later this week…

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