Barbecue Spaghetti, Too

The last time we were in Memphis, we had lunch at Jim Neely’s Interstate Bar-B-Q.  We’ve had some fantastic barbecue in Memphis — Central, Payne’s, Corky’s, and some others (next time we want to try Top’s, Cozy Corner, and Bar-B-Q Shop).

If you’ve seen the Neelys on Food Network, Pat is Jim’s nephew.  The way I understand it, Pat worked for Jim, and then later on when Pat wanted to start his own restaurant, Jim helped him with the pit.  So this is Jim’s restaurant, the older Neely barbecue restaurant.

Av got the sampler platter which is enough food for the four of us, and gives a taste of everything.  Pretty good.
Jim Neely's Interstate Bar-B-Q, Memphis TN
The bottom-right pic above is their barbecue spaghetti  — which has made its way to Charlotte, even.  One recipe here.

Top Hat in Blount Springs, Alabama is some of the barbecue I grew up with, and I love to hear Dale Pettit talk about it — they’re making real barbecue, not with gas or a big rotisserie setup.  Still splitting hickory every day:

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