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Interview with Lee McCarty from Ole Miss:

Big Bad Breakfast coming to Birmingham.

Jim ‘n Nick’s is opening their own processing plant, and they’re specifying a particular heritage breed (cross) of hog from area farmers.  Ah, supply chain management.  JnN is really pretty good.  Oh, and I can admit this now — for…forever…I thought that the restaurant was named in honor of Jimmy and Nicky at Bright Star.

Mr. Imagination passed away this week in Atlanta.

Discussion of a Slave Ship Museum being built in Mississippi.

I brought this home to Av just because I liked the name and image — Snake Handler 2x IPA from Good People:
Good People Snake Handler Beer

In unrelated snake handling news, the WSJ reports that Pastor Mack Wolford joined the ancestors after he was bitten by one of his rattlesnakes during a service last weekend.

A Moon Pie store is going to open in Lynchburg, and legislation has been passed so that the distillery will soon be able to give out samples of Jack Daniel’s.

Oh, and since 2008 (2008, I think) Moon Pie has been making specially branded MPs for the Masters.

PBS: why Louisiana is sinking.

Opinion column in the Sun-Herald about the staggering decline in population in the Delta.  What to do, what to do?

This week, Atlanta Journal Constitution discusses the Mississippi Culinary Trail, which I helped with some.  Yay!

Brett Anderson writes about pastry chefs; mentions the red beans and rice pudding at Red Fish Grill.  From the menu description: “Louisiana rice pudding served with red bean ice cream and honey butter corn bread.”

USA Today writes that “The South Rises Again” at Cannes with Mud, The Paperboy, Lawless, and Beasts of the Southern Wild.

It isn’t every day one of your friends gets asked to make something for the Smithsonian!  WTG, Stephanie!!  Bottle trees forever!!

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