Sharing The Love Between Cities

Guess what?

Nashville is getting a Gus’ Fried Chicken.

Now, I’ve been to the one in Memphis and need to go to the original in Macon (Bozo’s is across the street from it there, after all) but the one in Memphis is *incredible*:
Gus' Fried Chicken, Memphis TN

It’s top five, definitely:
Gus' Fried Chicken, Memphis TN

Nashville already has incredible fried chicken, though.  It has fried chicken you have to ‘steel’ yourself to eat — Av gets the extra-hot at Prince’s Hot Fried Chicken and that is some crazy spicy chicken:
Extra-Hot Chicken from Prince's Hot Chicken, Nashville TN

It’s inevitable that one city’s signature food will go elsewhere.  After all, Jackson exported a Big Apple Inn to Atlanta this year. Pig ear sandwiches on RDA now (this one from our trip to Farish Street:).
A Pig Ear Sandwich from the Big Apple Inn, Farish Street, Jackson MS

Of course, there’s the whole thing with Scott, Broussard, and Jennings, Louisiana — three cities all being the world capitol or something to that effect…of boudin.  It made the WSJ today.

“If you like hot, you’ll get hot. If you want mild, you’ll find mild. We have boudin balls as big as a softball. We have smoked boudin…”

(this was a boudin ball from Opelousas, but I was inspired to put it here after reading the softball remark:)
Boudin Ball from Chevron Station in Opelousas, LA
The softball ones are the best.

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