Fleeting Gingerbread; Rhinestones Forever

Bette Mott’s home in McComb, Mississippi was always the *most* fun to go by —

Bette Mott's House, McComb MS

Bette Mott's House, Heart Driveway.  McComb, MS

Gingerbread House, McComb MS

When we drove by earlier this spring, there were no more hearts painted on the driveway and the gingerbread men have left:
Not Bette Mott's Gingerbread House Anymore

The most well-known art environment/home in McComb isn’t there any more — it was Loy Bowlin’s ‘rhinestone cowboy’ home — called the Beautiful Holy Jewel Home of the Original Rhinestone Cowboy — that was purchased and moved…it was to have been demolished…to Kohler, Wisconsin (to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center there) where it was reconstructed and on display there for a long time, although it is not on display currently.

loy bowlin 7
Used under Creative Commons 2.0 Gen, by The WildWood.  Thank you!

Same permission granted for these below. Thanks again!:
loy bowlin 6

loy bowlin 5

loy bowlin 4

loy bowlin 3

loy bowlin 1

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