Beautiful Lowndesboro And Perpetual QR Codes

Last week, we went to Montgomery to pick up some things at the Curb Market (which is like a farmers’ market with everything you expect, plus canning, houseplants, and cakes/pies/etc.  Oh, and there are a couple of sellers there who will slice up a rutabaga for you, which is fantastic because the boys and I love rutabagas but cutting them frightens me), then drove over to Selma.

On the way, we stopped in Lowndesboro, home to 115 people according to the latest census.  It really is one of the loveliest communities anywhere.

1856 Lowndesboro Presbyterian:

Lowndesboro Presbyterian Church

1830 St. James Christian Methodist Episcopal — and the steeple here was once on the capitol building in Old Cahawba.  It was brought here by an ox team after the capitol moved:

St. James Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, Lowndesboro AL

1888 Lowndesboro Baptist:

Lowndesboro Baptist Church

1888 United Methodist:

Lowndesboro United Methodist Church

1857 St. Paul’s Episcopal:

St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Lowndesboro AL

1853 Meadowlawn, which is on the National Register:
Lowndesboro, Alabama

In Oakview Cemetery there, some of the most beautiful monuments:
Oakview Cemetery, Lowndesboro AL

Oakview Cemetery, Lowndesboro AL

Oakview Cemetery, Lowndesboro AL

The sculptor of many of these was H.W. Hitchcock of Montgomery:
Oakview Cemetery, Lowndesboro AL

Oakview Cemetery, Lowndesboro AL

There’s a woman in Arkansas who studies cemetery lamb sculptures, and this has to be one of the largest proportionally for the overall base that I’ve seen.  It’s for two siblings, Orline, and Starke:
Oakview Cemetery, Lowndesboro AL

Oakview Cemetery, Lowndesboro AL

I read recently about a company called MonuMark, that makes QR codes to be placed on small plaques on monuments so that visitors can scan the code with their phone and be directed to a website about the person’s life.  Really, anyone could do this on their own, just setting up an account to pay for hosting any site you build in perpetuity…  Hollywood Forever is doing their own thing in this genre with some of its more famous residents, like Douglas Fairbanks.

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