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The T-P reports on best food at Jazz Fest.  Crawfish Monica of course!

Love these beeswax candles — you’ll see why.

Yessssss — Downton Abbey paper dolls!

Munch’s ‘The Scream’ sells for $119.9MM this week at Sotheby’s.

Hot Chicken Festival, Nashville TN
(line at the 2010 Hot Chicken Festival we went to)

The new Bolton’s Spicy Chicken and Fish that was open in Nashville (the O’Bolton’s) has closed but the original remains.

Pimento Cheese from Savage's

Tupelo Honey in Asheville has a new Pimento Cheese of the Month Club — well, actually every-other-month. A year is $199 with free shipping if it’s ordered before 5/13.

The Commercial Appeal writes about a philosophy teacher at Rhodes College in Memphis s who iis doing a project called ‘American Values’ in which she asked people to send her photographs of themselves holding handwritten signs of what’s important to them:
At this point, she has more than 400 portraits of people from nearly every state — one of the rules of the project is that participants must be American or living in America — holding up signs that read everything from “Trust” to “Freedom” to “Coffee.”

 ‘Family’ is 5x more popular than anything else. On exhibit at Marshall Arts Gallery in Memphis.

Last Friday, the South Alabama Writers’ Symposium was giving Fannie Flagg its Harper Lee Award for Alabama’s Distinguished Writer of the Year — and who else rolls in? That’s right.

There’s a show on NatGeo called ‘Rocket City Rednecks‘ but seriously someone shooting a rifle today from a moving car at the Saturn V rocket in Huntsville…

Howard Finster's Paradise Gardens, Summerville GA

The AJC writes about the ‘Resurrection of Finster’s Paradise Garden‘ — and Finster Fest is this weekend.  Creative Loafing chimes in too.

The NYT reviews “Ghost Brothers of Darkland County” in Atlanta, the Southern gothic musical by Stephen King and John Mellencamp.  “…a tense sibling rivalry between a novelist with a dark streak and a blue-jeans-wearing crooner. Frank (Lucas Kavner) and Drake McCandless (Justin Guarini) are surely meant to evoke younger versions of the famous team that created them.”  The reviewer didn’t absolutely hate it, but wasn’t a fan, either.

Harold’s Barbecue is staying open after all.  After being in business for decades, the outpouring of support and business after last week’s story of their closing has the owners reconsidering.


Winning recipes from the National Cornbread Festival here.

The LA Times does Salvation Mountain: Then and Now.

Lonnie Holley

We lost sweet Georgine Clarke, the mother of Kentuck (and leader of so much other good) this week.

The American Queen is again river boating on the Mississippi after four years of being away (including a stint in a federal repo compound).

The James Beard Awards are in, and Hugh Atcheson won in the ‘American Cooking’ award for his cookbook, A New Turn in the South.

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