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The Oxford American and NPR have collaborated on a small series called ‘Southward’, specifically ‘The Visual South’ — part 1 is Unseen Scenes of Guantanamo, part 2 is Photography is Like Chicken, part 3 is Tourist Towns, part 4 is Getting Lost in Mississippi, part 5 is Personal Portraits.

The aisles at the Tuscaloosa Home Depot don’t have the ordinary numbers, but go by each year (14 of them now) that Alabama has won the National Championship:
Tuscaloosa Home Depot

The Pentagon’s Innovative Readiness Training program brought medical staff and attention to the Black Belt; they saw 12,000 people in two weeks.  From the AP:

In return for the care, the troops get the occasional donated meal or a hug from patients, plus valuable training. Their work is part of a program that sends guard members and reservists into some of America’s poorest communities, where they learn to set up health clinics and other projects and deal with large numbers of people, just as they might do after a natural disaster or in a foreign county.

The Garden of Eden art environment in Lucas, Kansas has reopened after a renovation headed by the Kohler Foundation.

I’ve known about Roku for a while, but this week I got to know Roku and it is a fantastic little (really, little) box.  All my Netflix Instant + Amazon Prime + Pandora channels + News (like…NPR: listen to Fresh Air whenever) + specific channels not available anywhere else + tons more.  The unit is well less than $100 and there are no monthly fees.  That’s it.  Thank you, Roku.  Thank you, early Mother’s Day present.

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