The Flood

More from our latest trip back to Rodney, Mississippi earlier this year:

This church is known as First Baptist and Mt. Zion Baptist No. 1; in National Register nomination papers it was described “One-and-a-half-story gable-front frame structure with heavy denticulated boxed cornice on gable end. Pointed-arch entrance door with archivolt trim. Interior-end tower features polygonal belfry with domed cap. Transitional Greek Revival-Gothic Revival, ca. 1850.”
First Baptist Church, Rodney MS

First Baptist Church, Rodney MS

There used to be paneling all along these walls but it has been stripped after the big flood last year.  The flood also helps explain the disarray of the pews, as the water came up very high — about 3/4 up the height of the windows from what I can tell.
First Baptist Church, Rodney MS

This image is courtesy Library of Congress, used without restriction, ref# LC-USF34-054747-D, by Marion Post Wolcott — how the church appeared in August 1940:

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