John Farrer, Gears

One of the wonderful things about seeing my friend Wade Wharton at his reception by the Huntsville Art League for his ‘Metamorphosis’ show back in March was spending time with him and his family, the unexpected but simply *wonderful* treat of bumping into friends Joyce and Rand, getting together with my friend, the landscape painting artist Conor O’Brien, and then being invited by John Farrer for us all to visit his studio afterwards (last visit here).

This was a fabulous, fabulous evening.

What John’s working on now for an installation in B’ham:
Mechanical Sculpture by John Farrer

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful — can’t wait to see this when it’s completed and in the space.
Mechanical Sculpture by John Farrer
I’ve seen the drawings and it is going to be magnificent.  More of John’s projects at his site here.

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