This Week’s Various

Finster’s Paradise Gardens is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

Jewelry designer Connie Ulrich, who has a studio at Lowe Mill in Huntsville, has been accepted to this year’s Smithsonian Craft Show.

The Faux Real show at the University of Cincinnati museum, which opened April Fool’s Day is a fantastic concept — it’s dedicated to the works of a man from Laurel, Mississippi who painted forgeries and gave them to museums under a number of different guises.  So interesting:

…the exhibit of 40 paintings is something of a one-man show, displaying forgeries created and then donated to museums by a prolific forger – Mark A. Landis of Mississippi – who then adopts various personas in order to gift the works. Those forgeries include a work attributed to Pablo Picasso, which was donated to The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Jacksonville, Fla. The museum is lending the painting to UC for this “Faux Real” exhibit.

All evidence suggests that the forger, Landis, a lifelong painter and former gallery owner, has operated under the radar for decades. And while a Landis forgery was first discovered in 2008 with others subsequently discovered, he has never been charged with a crime because he has never accepted payment for the works. Landis is cooperating with the exhibit and has lent materials – including paintings and photographs.

The USPS is getting in on TKAM’s 50th anniversary.

Cathead Vodka is coming out with a honeysuckle vodka.  Yesssss!
Wynton Marsalis did this great piece on juke joints (featuring two around Birmingham) for CBS.

Alabama has the coon dog cemetery; Georgia has a bird dog cemetery.

WWNO reports on barbecue in New Orleans.

The financial situation at the Ohr-O’keefe Museum is looking better.

John Besh is in production on a new cooking show.  And Treme won a Peabody!  Yay!

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