St. Patrick’s Day

We were in New Orleans for St. Patrick’s Day and went to the Uptown and Metairie parades.

St. Patrick's Day

At both, they threw cabbages, potatoes, onions…and tons of throws (beads, tchotchkes, etc) of course. At the one in Metairie, Shugie caught a big teddy bear and Shug got another giant — bigger than him almost — stuffed animal.  We brought bags for all the throws and filled them all!
St. Patrick's Day

Afterwards, the boys wanted to know why we don’t have parades for every single other holiday.
St. Patrick's Day
We should!  Since our next big holiday is Passover, can you imagine the great float themes we could come up with?!  I think we will get out the shoeboxes and make our own mini-parade here at home…

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