Montgomery’s Garden District, And The Father Of Public Television Was Rosa Parks’ Lawyer

The Garden District of Montgomery was designated on the National Register in 1984:
Garden District, Montgomery AL

Garden District, Montgomery AL

This was the home of Clifford and Virginia Durr; he was a lawyer who represented Rosa Parks and helped bail her out of jail from the bus incident.  The interesting thing is that the sign mentioned that he became known as the ‘Father of Public Television’ thanks to his work as FCC Commissioner under FDR in Washington, but didn’t mention as much as one would expect in regards to the work the both of them did for civil rights.  And that was a lot.  There’s more about the couple here at the Encyclopedia of Alabama.
Clifford and Virginia Durr Home, Montgomery Alabama

Of homes on the market in the Garden District, this one is (really, really) terrific.

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