Hurtsboro, The Museum Of Ordinary People, And The Unabomber Cabin Replica

Hurtsboro, Alabama is an interesting place (it gets better and better…).  Here’s the library, housed in a former bank with a vault:
Hurtsboro Public Library, Hurtsboro AL

A rare surviving example of signage for Jefferson Island Salt from Louisiana (which is now oddly known about for the 1980 Texaco disaster, which involved a whirlpool, geysers, and a 6′ deep lake becoming 1300′ deep).
Jefferson Island Salt, Hurtsboro AL

Hurtsboro, Alabama

This Pat Perry Hardware store has the sign for the…
Pat H. Perry Hardware, Hurtsboro AL

…Museum of Ordinary People — it was featured in the book ‘Little Museums‘ this way:
“One day there will be a place where art, junk, memorabilia, and a living artist will combine to make up a truly ordinary place to visit.”  Fluxus artist Mike Howard has long envisioned a place where you can see art “the way it’s supposed to be seen — in the environment of junk, bad lighting, and screaming kids.”
Pat H. Perry Hardware, Hurtsboro AL

What I really wanted to see was Mike’s construction of this ‘Unabomber Cabin Replica’ in his yard:
Unabomber Cabin Replica, Hurtsboro Alabama

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