Vanilla It Is, In Houma

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Councilman Alvin Tillman in Houma, Louisiana bringing forth a proposal to outlaw all colors other than white in three of Terrebonne Parish’s cemeteries in a post entitled, Eternally Vanilla in Houma.  On our vacation, we again went through Houma to get to Chauvin (more about that later), so we stopped at one of the cemeteries in question, Southdown Cemetery:

Southdown Cemetery, Houma LA

Those tombs painted yellow, blue, terracotta, lilac…weren’t the least bit offensive or distracting.  They added beautiful character:
Southdown Cemetery, Houma LA

(top center: this family wanted their family member to be with their loved plush animals, so they put them in waterproof containers.  Another thing here was that on some of the monuments, rather than birth/death dates, they used ‘Alpha’ and ‘Omega’)
Southdown Cemetery, Houma LA

This councilman feels the need to legislate hue at a public cemetery.  Again, I’ll say: Maybe Alvin Tillman should invest in founding cemeteries with ‘home-owners associations’ full of ordinances and self-important governing boards which restrict…everything that is at odds with uniformity.

Southdown Cemetery, Houma LA

Alas, the the Terrebonne Parish Council decided last week that all new tombstones at Southdown, Bisland, and Halfway cemteries would have to be painted white.  Existing monuments will not have to be repainted.

From the Houma Today article:

Prior to the vote, Amedee, who said she once worked as a minister for her church and often comforted those who were grieving, said the ordinance is “an infringement on personal rights.”

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