Hard Rock

Av and I have stayed at most of the casino hotels on the Mississippi gulf coast — Beau Rivage, Isle, Magic (which is gone now), Grand, Palace…but last week we had our first stay at a Hard Rock.  We like staying at casino hotels because the nicer casinos have really nice rooms, and if you stay during the week, they are steeply discounted.   For instance, we got this room for weeeellll below $100 when it books for over $200 on the weekends.
Hard Rock Hotel, Biloxi MS
You never have to go on the casino floor, either.  Another nice thing about this hotel was — because this is a Hard Rock, after all — the costumes and other instruments and props from performers.  Furthest left are some teensy jeans from Elton John, then the red suit is from Steven Tyler, and the wedding dress from Madonna.  The quilt at the bottom was commissioned by Frank Zappa in the 80s, to be made from…lingerie that was thrown to him at concerts!

Hard Rock Hotel, Biloxi MS

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