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The NY Times runs an article about regional foods in general every so often, and this week, its lens was somewhat focused on Southern food, in Southern Farmers Vanquish the Cliches.  The article begins,
“IT’S not hard to get Emile DeFelice riled up. Just mention Paula Deen, the so-called queen of Southern food, who cooks with canned fruit and Crisco. Or say something like “You don’t look like a Southern pig farmer.” He’ll practically hit the ceiling of his Prius.

Because there are a few things about Southern food that the man just can’t stand: its hayseed image, the insiders who feed that image and the ignorant outsiders who believe in it.”

HBO + David Milch + William Faulkner

New: Fallingwater iPad app.

In Atlanta, sheep and goats are keeping lawns and lots free of kudzu and ivy.  The company is called Ewe-niversally Green, and look at the before and after pics.

An interview with Sister Anne Brooks of the Delta Tutwiler Clinic.  There are two doctors in the county (pop. 15.3k).

Wilcox County in Alabama, the second-poorest county in the state, is in a similar position, with one doctor for every 4667 citizens, meaning three in this county…and two of them are nearing retirement.  The documentary, A Certain Kind, looks into their efforts to recruit health professionals here:

A Certain Kind from Carly Palmour on Vimeo.

Ever wondered how the interior of the Hindenburg was laid out and appointed?

Interesting article in the LA Times this week about Alabama’s new immigration law, and its effects on Riverside Heights Baptist in Tallassee.

Divine Disorder, Conserving the Chaos: Conference on the Conservation of Folk and Outsider Art,
National Council for Preservation Technology and Training will take place February 15-16 at Northwestern University in Natchitoches.

This article about NOLA-native, B’ham-based Deedee Morrison and her Sun-Catcher solar-powered public sculpture in Clearwater, Florida — her website has pics of her other installations including these great lanterns.  Pics of her studio here.

“Pure for G-d” 2000-year-old token from the Temple in Jerusalem was just announced, and likely was for the purposes of showing that an item had been approved for ritual use.

The Times-Picayune is asking a question for which there will be *much* discussion: who makes the best king cake?

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