Making Trees

My friend Cindy always puts on the very nicest Christmas parties!  This year, not only did we get together for our usual fun (and a terrific cookie swap — I made my pistachio and cherry Mexican wedding cakes — everything everyone else made was fantastic as always but one of the really fun things was white chocolate peppermint popcorn balls) but we did a craft — Christmas trees!  All the girls made Christmas trees for their homes, and…well, since we’re Jewish…I made a forest tree with moss at the base and super-snuggly warm yarn at the top.

I think these are the ones Cindy and Darlene made:
Crafty Trees from Party

It’s just a styrofoam cone, glue or straight pens to keep everything held onto the cone, and yarn:
Crafty Trees from Party

…and here are all our trees! Mine’s on the second row with the moss at the base — loooved the moss, but it made the biggest, shaggiest mess everywhere when I was putting it on.  My favorite is the lighter green one with the pom-poms on the same step, but really they all turned out so great!!

Crafty Trees from Party

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