Gordo’s Art

At Barbara Lee Black’s gallery window:
Barbara Lee Black's Gallery Window

You kinda have to know Amos Kennedy…this is in his studio window:
At Amos Kennedy's Letterpress Shop in Gordo AL
The very well-received documentary about Amos, Proceed and Be Bold, is here.

Each year, he’s at Kentuck selling posters and teaching letterpress:
Amos Kennedy, Kentuck

Amos Paul Kennedy's Letterpress Prints at Kentuck 2006

Below, Amos and Shug a couple of years ago, in Glenn House’s gallery — and Glenn, who is crazy-talented, is really to thank for making Gordo into such a place so welcoming for artists.

Amos and Shug

I could go on forever about Glenn and bookarts, and letterpress in general, and all the other things he does, but there’s just no way not to love what he does in neon:

Moon Winx Motel Sign, Alberta City AL

  • Studio 150 is next to Amos Kennedy’s studio:
    Studio 150, Gordo AL

    The artist-in-residence at Studio 150 this summer…
    Studio 150, Gordo AL

    …and this was on the door.

    Studio 150, Gordo AL

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