Let’s Just Not

Used under Creative Commons.  Thank you, Christina!

This is a cherpumple.  Cher = cherry pie, pum = pumpkin pie, ple = apple pie, all from frozen, then encased in a cake mix.  It’s just…wrong.  But not because I’m not a fan of the flavor combinations (I don’t see how this could taste good together), but because of the list of ingredients.

Now, I love kitsch!  I’m the girl who made the marshmallow snowman one Chanukah!

Kitschy Snowman

…and I’m not anti-combination. We love turducken (I think this one we got at Rabideaux’s)!


…and when I heard the idea of the Krispy-Kreme cheesecake, well:
Krispy Kreme Cheesecake
Just as an aside, it really wasn’t so bad once you subtracted all the calories for a regular serving of cheesecake crust (if you calculate Carnegie Deli’s recipe for crust and divide by 16 you get about 91 cal/serving) and instead tabulated the calories from 12 doughnuts (at 190 cal/per according to Krispy-Kreme divided among the same 16 servings, which is 142.5).  So in other words, making cheesecake with KKs as the crust adds 51.5 calories/serving to what you would otherwise be taking in.

With some other little exceptions (you know, nobody likes snooty people or people who let their food snobbery get out of control (who doesn’t like a Reese’s Cup for goodness sakes?) and I’ll admit: crushed-up Nutter Butters make great peanut butter pie crust!) that’s really about far as I’m willing to go.

…but the idea of buying three different frozen pies, three different cake mixes, and a tub of what’s called ‘cream cheese frosting’ then putting it all together goes against all that is good in the world!  Av laughed and asked if I was going to have the vapors over all this (maybe!).

Do you fall out when you open a copy of Southern Living or Mississippi Magazine and the first ingredient in a recipe for something sweet specifies a box of cake mix?  Me too, friend.  Me too.

The cherpumple makes me wonder — did the inspiration for a frozen pie(s) inside something else come from the 2002 Southern Living Cook-Off, when a recipe which included (get ready, y’all!) an entire frozen Mrs. Smith’s pecan pie encased in cheesecake filling *won* First Place, Taste of the South?  Seriously, here’s the recipe.

What will next year hold, do you think?

Whether you’re serving Cherpumple or something entirely made from scratch, I hope you can laugh along with me and have a fabulous Thanksgiving!  xoxo!

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