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Newsweek ranked Ole Miss as ‘Most Beautiful’ and gave Alabama #3 on the list.

Nice article here on Isaiah Zabar’s Magic Garden in Philadelphia. “Art should not be segregated in museums; it needs to live free among us,” said mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar, creator of the Philadelphia folk art environment.

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is being built at a new location, opening in spring of 2012, and is being billed as cat-5 proof and LEED Platinum certified, using solar panels, wind turbines and geothermal energy.

Thanks to my friend Larry Harris for telling me about the new documentary on the Toynbee Tiles:

Hotel Meridian Sign, Meridian MS

This isn’t the greatest picture of it (although I love that painted sign about its European Plan, and that it is fireproof…), but the plan is to have the old Meridian Hotel building demolished completely, to make way for the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center Museum.  Nice pics of the interior of the Meridian Hotel (which is really in terribly rough shape, apparently) here.

This was interesting.

The Norman Rockwell painting, “The Problem We All Live With,” showing little Ruby Bridges integrating William Frantz Elementary in New Orleans is now hanging just outside the Oval Office.

The Germantown Performing Arts Centre in Memphis is going to host 25 folk art subjects as part of an exhibit that will beginning September 11 thru October 22.

“The individuals highlighted in this project include diverse artists such as Charlie Acuff, who stayed in his home tarea and kept traditional music alive; old time musician Roy Harper in his bright red suit and his additional talent as painter of railroad scenes; Mary Prater’s joy of life woven in her baskets and infectious smile; buckdancer Thomas Maupin skipping across a shallow stream at dusk; the classic tradition of Bob Kounlavong’s Laotian musician and dancers; Minnie Bell and her Choctaw sisters preparing food over an open fire; Eda Rodriguez preparing Salvadorian food; Billy Tripp’s “Mind Field,” a tribute to his Methodist parents and many more unique subjects.”

Meat and three love from Eagle’s in B’ham:

Eagle's, Birmingham Al

Eagle's, Birmingham Al

…and the refrigerated case at the beginning of the cafeteria line at Victoria’s in Jasper (which isn’t among my favorites, but) they are still doing those lovely little gelatin and tiny marshmallow-studded salads:

Victoria's, Jasper AL

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