The High Church of Capodimonte

I have a friend who knows that I’ve never met a museum I didn’t like (just the idea that someone would go to the trouble of opening a museum about any particular genre or thing, I find completely charming), so we were off to the High Church of Capodimonte, the Evelyn Burrow Museum at Wallace State in Hanceville.

Evelyn Burrow Museum, Hanceville AL
There was crystal.  There was Bohemian glass and Carnival glass.  There were bronzes.  But oh, my, was there ever Capodimonte.

Evelyn Burrows talks about her collection on looping video, under her porcelain chandelier:

Evelyn Burrow Museum, Hanceville AL

While Capodimonte does nothing for me really, it was sweet to see what the college did for the collection of one of its patrons.

Evelyn Burrow Museum, Hanceville AL

Lots of drama about the fate of the Folk Art museum in NYC going on right now.  More about that later this week.

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