Howard and Linton’s

Next door to Maggie’s Diner in Tuscaloosa (if you are craving meat and three, and who doesn’t…) is Howard + Linton’s Barbershop.  It got our attention especially because at Maggie’s there was a brochure about historic churches, schools, homes, and businesses, especially in regards to the civil rights movement.  One of the businesses listed was this one, we passed on our way in:

Howard & Linton Barber Shop, Tuscaloosa AL

…the brochure mentioning that the owner, Reverent T.W. Linton was instrumental in the movement in Tuscaloosa, and that the barbershop has all sorts of artifacts and memorabilia from that time, along with his collection of more than 600 shaving mugs.  So Av goes in just to meet the gentleman there, shake his hand, and took this pic:
Howard & Linton Barber Shop, Tuscaloosa AL

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