This Week’s Various

Audrey Heckler’s art collection in the NYT: she got her start collecting at the Outsider Art Fair in 1993.

The McCarthy Cottage at Warm Springs in Georgia burned down last week — that’s where FDR learned to walk with a cane and leg braces.  He first came to Warm Springs looking for a cure in its waters for his polio.  For years he continued to come here, and the building called his ‘Little White House’ gets over 100k visitors each year.

Sweet Chris Clark remembered in the Bham News.


The H’ville Museum of Art will “host a master artist workshop shop Sept. 8-10 called “Color and Light Revealed Through the Landscape, Studio Oil Painting with Conor O’Brien.””.  Congratulations, my friend!

It was one thing to sell the building to MoMA, but now the American Folk Art Museum in NYC is considering closing altogether.

The LA Times has a small piece on Timmyland, Ranchito Cascabel.  Pics here.

Embezzling $1MM from the Historic Mark Twain House = not a good move.

Guernsey’s seeks ballpark $8-10MM for Rosa Parks’ archive of thousands of items.

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