Hunka Pie, And Grits Pie

Chris Monroe, who owns a pie stand in Arkansas called “Hunka Piebaked 100 pies in one day.

He has me beat by a long shot.  The best I’ve been able to do is 28, when I filled up this table (shortly after this pic was taken in 2005).  I bake pies for every major holiday: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, for a church about ten minutes from my home who serve the hungry.  I always try to beat my record.  But 100?  I wish!  Plus: those were 100 pies, each different.  Wow.

Thanksgiving Pies of 2005

For a few years when Av and I were first married, I made ten pies every Sunday morning for this particular church, and we thought it was so cute and funny because at the time, they gave Av a key.  So Av had a key to that church, and a key to our synagogue.

How many people can say that?!  So sweet.

This week, I made one pie: grits pie.  Basically it’s chess pie + grits.

Grits Pie
Really, really nice.

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