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The residents of Phonehenge, in California’s Mohave Desert, have been told to move after twelve misdemeanor building code violations last month.  Apparently the ’70-foot tower, a replica of a Viking house and other esoteric creations the self-taught builder put together over the years out of mainly scrap materials’ is a hazard according to inspectors.
Image used courtesy BeFrank under Creative Commons license.  Thank you!

More here from the AP, and here from LA Weekly.  The builder/self-made architect/visionary of Phonehenge, Kim Fahey, has been arrested, but SPACES is going to help him with representation.

Some things to consider in regards to shelter for the poor:
‘How can organic, self-built slums be turned into livable housing?
What might a house-for-the-poor look like?
How can world-class engineering and design capabilities be utilized to solve the problem?
What reverse-innovation lessons might be learned by the participants in such a project?
How could the poor afford to buy this house?’
Can it be done for $300 USD?  The NYT ran one opinion here, and a rebuttal was printed in the Harvard Business Review.  Well, there certainly were a lot of submissions to the team who began this project, and the winners were announced today.

The Fawcett House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is on the market.

Toast embroidery, and Oreo cameos.  And the not-so-secret lives of mantises.

Frank Fleming Turtle Stack at RSA Tower, Montgomery AL

(above: a Frank Fleming animal totem I saw in the RSA Building in M’ry)

It was published in 2008, but the Alabama Masters piece put out by the State Council on the Arts is wonderful.

Cheerwine + Krispy Kreme?  Yes!  For a limited time, not in all markets.

Lightning bugs on the rebound.

The Kohler Foundation will be restoring S.P. Dinsmoor’s Garden of Eden art environment in Lucas, Kansas.  Much more about it here.

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